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Organisations that take the initiative to unlock the benefits of artificial intelligence and workforce automation will gain a valuable advantage.

How we enable you

The impact of robotics on the workforce will be significant, but not all software robots are the same. You need to make sure you select the right tools for the right uses.

EOH Robotic Process Automation provides exactly the right technology to help you to be more innovative and agile, and deliver world-class customer experience.

How does robotic process automation (RPA) work?

Robotic process automation technology mimics the work done by people. These bots access applications through their user interfaces to quickly automate and operate processes, with multiple bots forming a digital virtual workforce.

How you’ll benefit with EOH Robotic Process Automation:

RPA reduces turnaround times by an average of 62% (Forrester), working 24/7.

86% of companies that have implemented RPA say that their expectations of productivity improvement were met or exceeded (Deloitte).

100% accuracy, with no human errors: no rework.

Improves security (reduces fraud), drives compliance and is fully auditable.

Fewer HR challenges.

RPA enables rapid response and innovation enablement through the fast automation of processes.

Increased operational agility – bots can scale up and down and switch their tasks according to planned and unpredicted demand, immediately, from anywhere.

Improved customer experience – faster and better service, and
24-hour coverage.

Improved compliance through consistent adherence to set rules.

Operating model innovation – enterprise-scale multi-purpose digital workforces have the potential to deliver ultra low-cost, high performance operations with outstanding operational agility.

RPA emulates human execution of repetitive processes, using existing applications. A virtual workforce is controlled by business operations teams, and interacts with any application or system using non-invasive techniques. RPA captures and interprets applications for processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other systems.  As a result, RPA is more cost effective, better and faster.


It can typically be used for:

  • Double data entry from one system to another.
  • Rule-based decision-making.
  • Automated preparation of accurate, timely reports.
  • Information validation and auditing, reconciling and cross-referencing data between different systems, for compliance and auditing outputs.
  • Straight-through processing, ensuring workflow enabled interactions, automatically entering inputs from source systems into target systems.
  • ‘Virtual’ system integration, transferring data between disparate and legacy systems by connecting them at the user interface level, instead of implementing new data infrastructure and APIs.

We use BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, Jacada, Solvexia and Kapow as our preferred toolset.

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