EOH Cloud Services


Fully Managed Cloud Solutions

All the benefits of the cloud, customised for your business needs, in one powerful solution.

Create your perfect cloud fit

Customise the perfect cloud solution to serve your specific business needs and strategies with our complete set of cloud services.

Get complete control of your cloud.

What we offer you:

  • Managed Private Cloud – enhanced performance and security with your own dedicated cloud.
  • Managed Public Cloud – a fully managed, outsourced cloud infrastructure that you control.
  • Managed Hosted Cloud – combines the speed and ease of a public cloud with the security and reliability of a private cloud.
  • Multi-Cloud – distribute your data assets, applications and redundancy using different clouds.
  • CloudBolt Cloud Management – one solution for all your clouds: control, optimise, manage.

How you’ll benefit with EOH Cloud Services:

True freedom of choice

a customised cloud designed around your business.

Full control

of your cloud environment.

Fully managed, fully supported

no need to use or employ your own IT resources.

Exceptional agility

the ability to scale up and down in minutes.

Greater cost efficiencies and control

pay only for what you use.


constant access to the latest technologies.

A single pane of glass

manage your entire cloud environment from a self-service portal.

EOH Cloud Services can help you discover and implement the best ways to use the cloud for your specific business needs. We can customise the perfect cloud solution from our complete set of cloud solutions:

EOH Private Cloud

Turn your own infrastructure into a managed private cloud. Get all the benefits of the cloud while keeping everything in-house. Gain speed, flexibility and agility, while retaining your existing systems. No need for expensive migrations or provisioning new hardware and software. You pay only for what you use.

EOH Public Cloud

A fully managed outsourced cloud infrastructure tailored to your exact business needs. Choose how you want to configure it, what platforms you want to run on and what software and services you want to use.

EOH Hosted Cloud

The same cost benefits as a public cloud, combined with the security and reliability of a private cloud. Fast and easy deployment provides instant flexibility and scalability.

EOH Multi-Cloud

Mix and match the best solutions and services from different clouds to create the most suitable cloud solution for your business – without the complexity of doing it yourself. An end-to-end ecosystem of cloud solutions (public, private, hybrid), provisioned on your own infrastructure or within the EOH environment.

EOH Cloud Management with CloudBolt

A unified cloud management platform for you to provision and manage every cloud in your environment, whether public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud. Quick and easy management of all your cloud and virtualised environments, with direct control.

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