Optimised Virtual Networking with Citrix SD WAN

Our Citrix SD-WAN solutions and services ensure optimal performance by creating simplified, adaptive virtual networks.

Keeping up with developments and emerging technologies in business networking is a constant challenge.

Outsourcing is the easiest way to balance the sustained pressure to cut costs with the urgency of establishing reliable networks to support operational needs. EOH Switzerland offers comprehensive end-to-end networking solutions, and all the infrastructure and software necessary to meet the challenges and demands that your business faces today.


Citrix SD-WAN: for optimal network
performance, with efficiency and agility

Most network traffic these days flows over the Internet, indicating a shift in the way businesses use wide area networks (WANs).

Cloud computing, virtualisation and the ubiquity of mobile devices have revolutionised the way people work and changed the nature of networking. Businesses need to adapt to this and change the ways in which they manage networks

The impact of the move from private data centre systems to cloud-based applications has been vast, creating three common and interrelated challenges for companies:

  • Bandwidth strain – exponential increases in users and applications have created huge new demands for bandwidth.
  • Cloud headaches – cloud connectivity is impaired by these high bandwidth demands.
  • Budget stress – with escalating bandwidth demands come escalating bandwidth costs.

In this modern scenario, traditional WAN architecture employing legacy technologies that used to be best practice, has become part of the problem. This effectively prevents organisations from providing an optimal user experience of today’s cloud-delivered solutions and services. A new and different WAN strategy is required.


Beyond WAN: harness the power of virtualisation with Citrix SD-WAN.


SD-WAN enables:

  • Network infrastructure flexibility, allowing for load balancing and site aggregation
  • Network traffic management right through to the application layer
  • On-site and global application-based network security
  • Streamlined network configuration, management and monitoring
  • Full network reporting and analytics capabilities

The advantages of SD-WAN

SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) allows you to route traffic across a WAN more dynamically and cost-efficiently. It streamlines enterprise site connections and releases organisations from being locked-in to specific service providers.

SD-WAN gives you visibility into and control over your organisation’s network capabilities. It’s a responsive and constantly evolving technology that helps to ensure technological sustainability.

Why choose EOH as your SD-WAN provider?

Lower the total cost of your networking without any security compromise

Rapidly deploy new applications and services for fast availability

Improve network redundancy and resilience by optimising traffic routing and bandwidth efficiency across multiple carriers

Replace outdated, costly network access methods with lower-cost broadband connectivity

Bring branch sites to full service more quickly, using automated configuration with centralised management control

Quickly implement on-demand services and dynamic changes across your network, using end-to-end automation

Simplify network management, using physical or virtual models to provision and maintain WAN services across your network

Enjoy flexible software purchasing options and adjustable licensing

Unlock the benefits of SD-WAN with EOH and Citrix


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