EOH Business Software Development

Application Development

Customer-centric, real-world solutions for effective, profitable digital transformation and future-proofing.

How we enable you

We provide customer User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) applications that ensure optimal customer journeys with quality interactions between your customers and your brand across all digital touch points.

Our innovative applications will set you apart. Our custom development services incorporate multiple technologies configured to meet your specific business goals.

Why it’s important

Business software and applications will determine how competitive your organisation will be in the next-generation business environment.

We offer leading solutions, comprising tailored software and applications, to give you a competitive advantage.

How you’ll benefit with EOH Business Software Development:

Service your customers better and faster.

Harness the Internet of Things to connect, control and measure, and gain the edge.

Turn data into knowledge that you can effectively apply in your organisation.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest, custom-built software.

Improved efficiency in any aspect of your organisation, or across its entirety.

Gain business and market insights to inform business strategy and boost revenue.

Using groundbreaking cloud technologies and cutting-edge skills, we build and release business software applications swiftly, so that you can service your customers better and faster. Our applications are scalable and flexible, without compromising quality.

Advanced Enterprise Integration

Creating outstanding customer experiences requires effective data flow between systems. We combine standard tools with multiple technology options to integrate and optimise your systems, so that you can turn data into knowledge to inform your business strategy.

Microsoft.NET Development

As EOH has a long and successful history of delivery on the Microsoft.NET platform. We excel in delivering large-scale, complex systems on the Microsoft.NET platform, such as cloud-based web, Windows, and mobile solutions with rich client interfaces and intensive data applications. We guarantee code of the highest quality, and solution architectures that are the best possible fit for your systems.

Java Development

We develop Java applications to drive innovation, reduce costs, and improve application services for IoT, enterprise architecture and cloud. We bring to market Java development and testing skills to which few companies have in-house access.

Digital Transformation

  • Customer Experience Design (CX)
    EOH CX experts design and engineer optimal customer journeys to ensure quality interactions between your customers and their brand across all digital touch points.
  • User Experience Design (UX)
    Our UX experts will ensure your digital experiences measure up to global best practice in accessibility, logical navigation, design excellence, mobile optimisation, fast browsing and user-friendliness.
  • Digital Development
    EOH Digital combines the expertise of leading developers and digital marketing specialists, to deliver digital strategy consulting and digital marketing. Our services include:

    • social media
    • email and mobile marketing
    • mobile applications
    • web design and development
    • critical SEO from the ground up
  • Internet of Things
    We build solutions for local and international clients who want to have an edge as they ride this next wave of business opportunities. Our skilled IoT experts can help you connect, control and measure everything in your business environment.

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